Put That Anywhere

Was walking back from the grocery store and right by the mess of Pat and Geno's steak eateries, saw this guy just throw his big white Styrofoam cup on curb as he climbed into a massive black Hummer. I wondered what he would do if I picked the cup up and knocked on his window with it, saying, I think you dropped this. It would definitely not end well. It pissed me off no end though; and I had him classified in seconds--dumb Republican white kid from the burbs who doesn't care b/c it's not his neighborhood, after all. But then maybe that's totally wrong and he has a heart of gold or the gigantic Hummer belongs to his mean dad who would beat the son up if found any Styrofoam in the car. And then I thought that there are people who would probably think I was the same way kind of because I don't recycle everything. I have been known to throw plastic and newspaper and bottles into the trash. And that's lazy too. I don't flatten out all of the cardboard boxes after I've eaten the cereal or the granola bars either. I guess it's a matter of perspective. Though I still think that guy was a dick.


jodie said…
that guy was obviously a dick.