Free Kitty! Beautiful! Absolutely Free! Please save me from having another cat!

As you may have guessed from previous posts, one of the hardest things about South Philly is the plethora of stray cats; some feral, some abandoned by owners, some that still get fed but are never taken to the vet. Such as the cat below. The first three pictures are her as a little kitten. But then the little girl who had her couldn't keep her because her cousin was allergic. The people behind me took her in. She recently had kittens, so now there are two more males in the neighborhood. I knew they wouldn't take her in to get fixed because it's just not a priority for them. So, I stole her away last Sunday night (I asked first--they said they didn't want her anymore, but were going to keep the kittens). Took her to the cat place yesterday, where they fixed her, gave her shots, clipped her nails, and gave her a flea dip. She's brand new! But I can't have her. I don't want to just let her go again, because even though I know they will probably keep feeding her and now she at least won't keep having kittens, they don't really consider her to be a pet. Please, please someone take her. I will deliver her to your door. She's a nice kitty. A little shy, but she lets you pet her and pick her up, uses the litter box, etc. She doesn't make any noise either, as I feared. Here she is as a kitten before being thrown out on the streets.

The little boy next door.

Her original owner.

And this is her six months later. She's looking up because I'm dangling a ribbon above her head.

Close-up. She's pretty little. Looks still like she's not full grown, but she is. She's about six or eight months old.

Wishing for a home.
She's not mad in this picture, she's bending down so I will pet her.

If no one takes her, we'll have to drown her in a lake, people.

And here come a series of photos of the house I looked at this past week. It's three bedrooms. This is the smallest bedroom. No closet in this one, but there are in the other 2 rooms.

Front view of the street from the biggest bedroom.

Master bedroom closets. What a change that would be for me after two and half years using the second bedroom I have now as a large walk-in closet.

Here is Jenn, opening up the closet for your viewing pleasure.

Built in shelves in the second bedroom.

Glamorous chandelier hanging in the hallway. Don't really like it.

New, energy saving windows and a view of the houses behind it.

Detail of the bathroom shower.

Bathroom sink. The bathroom is small, but compared to my boat-sized sink now, this is very luxurious.

Cabinet in the bathroom above the toilet. Shower curtain must go.

This is the sink in the basement half-bath. I love that the faucets read hot and cold. Wish this sink was in the upstairs bathroom.

Weird toilet in the basement. Would I ever go down there to use it? Unlikely.

Sink again.
The basement.
This is a long view of the downstairs from the kitchen through the dining room.

Back of the house. Manny Fernandez says that siding is good.

Back patio with gate.
Alley-way in case of fire.
Built in kitchen shelves.
New stove that I will likely never use.

Shiny floors! This is again frmo the kitchen to the front door.

Stairs. Odd picture.
Glamorous chandelier part II. One upstairs and one downstairs. Notice the high ceilings.

I like this archway. This is from the living room looking into the dining room and kitchen.

Radiator in living room.
Little weird alcove in the living room where you could put in bookshelves or, as my mom suggested, a giant Virgin Mary statue.

Front door.
Front, again.
This is the front side alley. That's it. Should I get it or what?

And these are two random dogs at Carrie's mom's house in State College.

Me with doggie.
Weird art display in SC. Creepy little girl reading a book. Padhraig refused to sit beside her.

Janet's office in State College.

Carrie posing by another interesting artsfest piece .

Long shot of same.
That's it for now. Must go shower and get ready for my nine o'clock favorite show, Mrs. Marple on PBS.


Anonymous said…
hot house!
Aimee said…
Hey, thanks. You can buy it. I think I'm going to keep looking. Still not sure about the location. I'm going to check out Grad Hospital and see what that's like.