Another House I Won't Buy

So, yes, I put an offer in on another house, but the sellers are dragging their feet a little. I was supposed to have an inspection today, but of course, until they sign the agreement, there's no point in paying the $500 to have a guy tell me everything that's wrong with it. In the meantime, I've been stalking the house--going by in the mornings to see if it's changed much, taking photos, and accidentally a video of it. Below, please see the tree in front of the house. Note the fake flowers. Below that are pictures of the current resident cat, Mimi, who I met when we looked at the place. She is fat, fat, fat, and has a tiny little head. She's very friendly though. I also have a short video clip here of her doing a somersault; despite the excessive weight, she seems limber enough. You will be unhappy to know that I have already spotted 3 stray outdoor cats who hang out on the street. I saw them when we first looked at the house, and then, another morning when I went by, an old guy in a wife beater t-shirt came out and poured cat food right on the ground by his steps and three cats dug right in. One of them is an all white cat who obviously used to belong to someone because he is friendly. Speaking of unwanted animals, a girl from my management training class is supposed to come pick up this calico in about twenty-minutes. I'm going to tell her that there is a no return policy on all cats taken from the premises.