Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?

My apologies for being a horrible blogger. I have been taking pictures all week long and can prove it here. I'm sorry that I haven't written about The Bachelorette, but I can't because I no longer have cable and that means for some reason that I only get one of the prime time channels.

Okay, so I may have posted this photo before, but it blows me away every time. A row of stuffed dogs and bears and a kid; all in baseball uniforms.

Here is some art for you. It's part of long billboard in South Philly. I think it was done by local kids, but that's just a guess.

This Holstein kitty usually is hanging out in the yard here, next to the ceramic Labrador. I can see another cat in the window as well, but this outside cat is hissy, so she's probably a feral cat with a sort of home.

Persian cats always look crabby.

A calico after my own heart. I like how the buildings reflect in the window.

Cat looks a little like Henri, only not nearly as fat and scaredy.
My darling. My darling with the green eyes.

Scary hairless cat who is probably really nice once you get to know him.

Curious and friendly.

Just a lion's head. I probably already have a couple of these up in previous posts.

And here is what I see every morning. Two pear-shaped cats staring out of the back window. At what? you might inquire.

At the mama cat who we got fixed. This is the mom of Paul Skoles and Piper. V. exciting.