Cats and Other Decorations

How did it get to be Wednesday already? For that matter, how did it get to be 2009?

Below, please notice a quite sparkly window full on tinsel and a little tiny baby pope in royal gowns. I find it amazing that someone would take the time to put this whole display up. And it's not seasonal. It's like that all the time. It must make their house darker, right? Maybe they're developing photographs?

Green door.
Blue door. On the same tiny side street. I wonder which one of the homeowners decided to paint her door first? And then the other neighbor was like, Well, if she's going to do bright green, then I'll just do bright blue!

I have always liked this mailbox. I am not sure what the design is. Maybe the Pony Express or Paul Revere.
I don't particularly like the window underneath, but I think it offers an interesting mix of things. To your far left, Jesus on the day of his crucifixion with the cross strapped to his bare back and blood dripping down his forehead. In the middle, a Renaissance scene of young love. Far right, the Coca Cola polar bears. It's a riddle I cannot figure out.

Ceramic beauty.

I saw the cat who goes in under this tiny door. She's black with a white face. I took a picture of her through the slates of the door here, but you couldn't see much of her so I didn't post it.

He's curious to see if I have any food. This is a cat who looks like he's smiling.

You can see some of the South Philly rowhouses in the reflection, as well as a cat with a very pink nose who kept titling her head whenever I made the cat smooching noise.

Black cat.
Fuzzy wuzzy.