Icelandic windows

Padhraig and Carrie have been away on an Icelandic adventure and P. sent me the following photos to illustrate that the people in Reykjavik put weird things in their windows just like S. Philly peeps. The really strange thing about the following pictures containing animals is that I'm not sure if any of them are real or if they are stuffed. Like, one appears to be a two-headed goat. Real or fake? You be the judge.


Anonymous said…
That's just freaky.
judesmama said…
Hi lady!!! How are you? How have you been? I've been meaning to tell you about my uncle's friend who has a yellow lab who sits in their front window in South Philly constantly. It's so cute! YOu need to go by and take a pic. It's on the east side of 11th, just south of Federal, I think. Just a block away from our old apartment, as if that would help you. Anyway, miss you! Let's catch up soon, huh???
Charlotte said…
Definitely a two-headed goat.