Soon to be Beaten to a Pulp

Had yet another altercation with a South Philly "dude"this morning;a minor one, but again, I was Miss Sensitiva about it. As you know, I like to take photos of funny or interesting windows. I try never to have the house number in the picture either, to project the anonymity and pride of the person. Today, I spotted a window with two strange rabbit pieces in them and crossed the street to take a picture. Just when I snapped it, the front door opened and a shaved head guy covered in blue tattoos and multiple piercings stepped out and said, Why you taking pictures of my house? Of course, he has every right to ask that question because it is a weird thing to do. I was startled. I said, Oh, I just like to take photos of windows. Sorry. His little dog came out on the stoop and I petted it. He said, Oh, okay. I said, Sorry about that. I just like your bunnies. He said, No, that's okay. I still felt like a jerk and like I had to be really nonchalant walking the rest of the way down the street in case he was watching me to see if I was reporting to his ex-wife on the corner or his probation officer. I have to be more discreet. It's lucky so far that I haven't gotten yelled at or chased off with a broom. In a similar vein, I realize that the time will have to come when I'll get bitten by a dog I insist on petting. I almost always ask the owner if I can pet the dog first, but not always, and not when the dog is tied up by itself outside of the grocery store. So, for the record, I know that one day, odds are good that I'll get bitten. Or yelled at again by someone whose window I am photographing. But these are two things I really like to do so I will take the risks.