Other Moments of Humiliation ala Theater School

There are many reasons that I never pursued an acting career beyond college, not the least of which was that I didn't have the kind of mind-blowing talent needed to succeed. Also, I hate constantly being rejected. More moments to blush by include:

*My roommates and I always threw a huge Halloween party at our house on Tharpe Street. Invariably, most of the attendants were theater majors, and you know that Halloween is one of their favorite holidays because it requires costumes!! One year, I managed to alienate two of my three roommates, Michelle and Becca, because I made out with least three people during the course of the party: Darrin Baggart. I'm pretty sure he was gay. He had a cute pixie-ish face and Becca really liked him, so she was upset when I kissed him. Michelle's ex-boyfriend who was visiting from Houston. I liked him because of his lazy Southern drawl and blue eyes, but I'm pretty sure he wore more jewelry than I did (and it wasn't part of a costume. He didn't wear a costume). I think the other person I kissed was the guy who was in town playing Othello. He used to be on my mom's soap opera. He later died (of heart complications. It had nothing to do with me).

*Another morning after regret came from hooking up with Jon Preston (see previous post--very curly hair and dimples and an infectious laugh). He was a good actor in part because he really didn't give a shit about what anyone thought of him. Also, he was stoned most of the time. I remember that after we fooled around, he constructed a make-shift bong out of the cardboard from a roll of toilet paper. I was disgusted and impressed at the same time.

*And yet another morning after moment of awkwardness with M. Chick, the bane of my existence, the crush of my college life, great, great, great actor, extremely attractive and intense and unattainable. Being around him was like being close to a famous person, even though he wasn't famous. He was in love with JoAnna Daniels probably because she seemed to have no interest in him. He always smelled good; like smoke or the outside or something. Woke up next to him one morning and he was staring up at the ceiling and said, "I have to decide who I want to be today.: That struck me as completely inauthentic and pretentious. I said, "What do you mean? Like, you might suddenly be a fireman or a vet or something?" He did not find me funny.