NPR Overload

I have gotten into the habit of listening to NPR while on the computer (which is about 90% of the time that I am at home). While I have come to appreciate the goofiness and grating quality of Car Talk and the flat yappish syllables of the Garden Guy and the lisping sound of Ira Glass and the breathless, unsexy announcement of Terry Gross when she says, "This is FRESHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAIRRR," I still sometimes want to throw rocks at the radio, but I can't seem to stop listening, since there really is nothing else on unless I want to tune in to cock rock. Luke hates Terry Gross, mostly because she often asks somewhat stupid questions to really interesting people, rendering them less vibrant. Someone else agreed with me on this the other day...I forget who. It's true though, she'll have on Sid Vicious and say, When did you decide to get your first mohawk? How did your family react to this radical haircut?

I had an idea for a story the other day--can't remember if I wrote this down or not, but it would be about an actress who can only get jobs in roles that require her to look sad. Like, she's the poster woman for anti-depressant medication or can only land TV bits where she's the grieving widow. It's disconcerting for her because she doesn't feel particularly sad, but she supposes that there must be something emanating from her that she doesn't see. Perhaps she then meets an actor who can only get parts doing erectile dysfunction ads.


jordynn said…
I know it is probably not nice but I can't listen to the Diane Rehm show. Apparently she has a medical condition that affects her speech but still... I always change the station when she comes on