The Next Assignment

I started writing the next piece for my playwriting class--I think I'm going to set it outside of a theater at an intermission. It's two people; haven't decided if they're a couple or friends or brother or sister of whatever and they both hate the play but can't leave because one of their friends is in the show. It's a musical based on Othello. I haven't figured out who the person of another race might be who insists that the guy put out his cigarette. Perhaps the actor playing Othello? Maybe he's not actually not of another race; maybe the play is so bad that he's a white guy in blackface. I forgot how fun it is to write scenes.

I am not proud to admit that Extreme Home Manipulation is on my TV right now. They always find the most pathetic families and then they build them a gigantic McMansion in less that a week. They don't go back to film and show you what happens to the house after the first rainstorm; how it likely just tips over and disintegrates.
Will be going to Texas on Tuesday to do a reading for my book at the University of North Texas. I am nervous about it. I don't really like giving readings and I'm not a fan of meeting tons of new people. Maybe it'll be low key like the one at Penn State was. I'll come back with a ten gallon hat and spurred cowboy boots.

I confess that I love Whole Foods. I ate about eight free sugar cookies while I as there and half an orange and then went to the salad bar where you can find just about everything you ever want to eat. In my case, that means macaroni and cheese, ham, salad with cherry tomatoes and garlic and a hard boiled egg. All for only $50!


Anonymous said…
You did a great reading tonight!