Emma Carol Has a Job!

She has been loaned out to Padhraig and Carrie to try to catch the mice/squirrels scrambling inside their walls. She hated being in the carrier, and was a little spastic when I first let her out into the new place, but then she seemed okay. Padhraig later text-messaged me to let me know that she did a little poo in her litter box. Hooray! I fear she may be too fat to catch mice, but what a triumph if she would. I warned Carrie not to fall too deeply in love with her as she must be returned to me at some point. Henri seems very happy to have her gone, and Ernesto appears non-plussed.

Liz and Luke were up this past weekend for New Year's and we had fun though we didn't do much of anything, except spend 12 hours at IKEA, eat ginger cookies, play Sims and watch Intervention. We had Indian food at Padhraig and Carrie's on New Year's Eve along with LM and John and then set out to a party in Fishtown where everyone was very nice and very young. The guy who threw the party owns the two houses right next to each other. They had a bonfire going and let off fireworks at midnight which startled LM and Liz. Also, a spontaneous drum circle erupted and I momentarily traveled back in time to college and the boys I knew in theatre school who liked to drop acid and play drums at a moments notice. One girl wore a pig hat and someone said, Watch the piggie dance! as she made her way around the yard. People were starting to groove in the front room when we left. We are old.

I feel like today is going to be inexplicably long.


Lisa Marie said…
Point of clarification - I wasn't startled by the fireworks, I was scared to death that one of the drugged out hypster dudes would blow up the Chevy sitting in the parking lot next to the fire cracker launching pad. I could just see the headlines the next morning, "New Year's Eve party left 3 Philly residents maimed when fire cracker explodes under abandoned car." I will admit I am paranoid of fire and have to run every match I ever light under water before I put it in the trash, but putting drugged out individuals in charge of lighting the fire is just asking for trouble.
Aimee said…
I agree that it wasn't the best idea to give the a guy holding a bottle of whiskey by the neck a lighter and explosives.