Good Golly, Miss Molly

As promised, I would like to say a few words about last Saturday night when we gals (I hate the word "gals") went out to Smith's to belatedly celebrate Molly's birthday. I was very excited because: 1. I don't get out much; 2. Stephanie agreed to come in from K of Prussia to attend; 3. Molly invited her sister and I was dying to meet her. She works in children's oncology at HUP and I was really interested to talk to her about her job and also to see what she was like. Molly is one of my favorite people and when you have a favorite person, it's quite possible that her/his relative might also be someone you can add to your favorite list. Unfortunately, though her sister (Jennifer?) came from work and was therefore wearing scrubs (how cool is that? I had a dream last night that I was allowed to wear scrubs to work. I also dreamt that I lived in this house that got robbed and I was offended b/c they didn't even attempt to steal my TV), I didn't get much of a chance to talk to her because a bunch of other people showed up right around that time and we were tragically separated for the rest of the night.
Molly looked lovely in a flowered blouse and matching jewelry. She ordered a mojito, a drink that consists of a little alcohol and about two cups of mint. It's quite difficult to drink and it can leave green mint on your teeth and so you have to be very sophisticated to order it. Stephanie and I ordered wine. I had warned Lisa Marie earlier that it was likely I would have to be poured into to a taxi at the end of the evening b/c I had only eaten a Clif bar that day (I am not developing any kind of eating disorder, don't worry, I just lost track of time from being downtown). Anyway, the evening was enjoyable and in typical fashion, I ended up chatting with a bunch of strangers and saying inappropriate things. I met this one guy who was kind of a giant and started playing "Would You Rather" with him, but his WYR's were much tamer than mine. We also got to know the bartender, Steve, who was attractive in the dark and greasy bartender way except for his ears stuck out (which actually made him more dear). He had a live in girlfriend and a baby but told me that if he didn't he would take me home. Then, he winked. I moved on. I cannot stand a wink.

Celia and her roommate showed up and so did Lyndsey and her boyfriend and so it was a regular Temple reunion. Celia is also good at ordering drinks--she gets real drinks. She asked for a ginger ale and Jack and I asked for one too but then couldn't drink it. All in all, I think we had fun and almost picked up some men and we didn't lose our wallets or phones or anything else and so the evening was a success.
Here is a picture of Emma Carol killing a stuffed mouse. She is excellent at it.


Liz said…
mmm...jack and ginger. i used to drink that a lot in dc. and dragonflys. since i became a facist about my mixers - as in, nothing with sugar in it - i've had to forgo those selections as most bars don't have diet ginger ale on hand.
jordynn said…
See, you'd think Emma Carol's skill with stuffed mice would transfer over into real live mice, but alas...