Happy Valley is Exactly That

I have made it to State College for my reading tonight and even managed to practice the stories I think I want to read; had to be sure I wasn't going on too long or cutting it too short either. I know I will be nervous, but I'm trying not to be pre-nervous. Going to dinner at the Indian Pavillion with a former professor and two grad students at 5:30 and will not drink ten glasses of wine beforehand, though I may have some after. In choosing the pieces to read, I am worried that they are too similar; all these quirky girls with problems connecting to others. Sometimes, I hear from other people that the stories are sad, but I don't see them that way. Well, that' s not totally true b/c there are a lot of stories where someone dies or leaves permanently, but...that seems realistic.

I'm staying at the Nittany Lion Inn in a room with a king-sized bed and two bottles of Aqua Fina and an ironing board and those little plastic bottles of cheap shampoo. Julie took me to lunch at the Penn Stater and later, she'll bring Owen over so I can check him out up close to determine if he truly is as cute as his baby pictures represent him to be. Then she can help me decide what to wear. I had a minor panic attack yesterday b/c nothing that I tried on seemed to work, but I'm going to let Julie decide which outfit is better. She has instructed me to look hot but not slutty. How does one do this? Leave off the fishnets? And what does one do about the beret?


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Aimee said…
Damnit, my other choice was the sailor hat with lots of blush-two bright round circles on either cheek and lots of heavy lipstick with liner. Thanks for the heads up!
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