Wrapping Your Heart in Blue Saran Wrap in Order to Deflect Criticism

That is what I have been advised to do. I will try it--in my head only, but if that doesn't work this time, I'll see what happens when I create an actual chest guard out of aluminum foil and packing tape. Per a magazine article about something else, I started making a list this morning of 100 things I want to do in the next couple of years; huge, impossible goals and manageable ones. I've found that none of them so far include high risk activities like bungee jumping or sky-diving or swimming with boa constrictors (I only made it to 30 before having to leave for work). Of course, I'm scared to do any of those things, yes, but I also don't have an overwhelming desire to say I've done them or to actually do them. Maybe I should? I also don't have a desire to travel to third world countries, though I should probably want to do that too. And I'm not much of a tropical beach person either. Like, Hawaii, Maui, Bali or an of the other "i-ending" vacation spots don't appeal to me. Maybe that's because I grew up mostly in Florida and worked at a beach shop and never overcame my fear of sharks because of Jaws. I also don't want to climb a mountain or hike for 40 days and 40 nights or shoot anything and stuff it and I don't mind if I never ride a camel, though that might be interesting. My stuff is more nerdy and less adventurous like finishing certain books or seeing Jane Austen's country house or writing a novel. Traveling back in time would also make my list, but I don't know how practical that is, despite our leaps in technology.


Liz said…
I don't think it's nerdy to want to see Jane Austen's house. One of the reasons I want to hit the UK is to see the Globe Theater. And if I had all the time and all the money in the world I'd spend a summer doing the pilgrimage from the Canterbury Tales. I'd do a lot of other things but that's hands down the dorkiest of them.
Ben said…
The Globe Theatre is wonderful. There's no better way to see Shakespeare. You feel as if your seeing his work in a manner and setting that he envisioned.