No Actual Fires Were Started

As it turns out, Lisa Marie's oven broke at the last second and she had to come over here to finish cooking the turkey, the stuffing, and some potatoes. We were not able to cook the frozen pumpkin pie because neither one of us could figure out how to remove the oven racks. You will likely not find two less qualified people to be attempting to put together a dinner for ten. I did nothing actually except at the end, I suggested we could baste the turkey in some of the juices. We both did this for awhile, wondering if it would do something toxic to the meat, unbeknownst to us. But we made it and turkey was served (though it wasn't cooked all the way through in every place, it was mostly done).

Got to meet baby Ruby who is a dream child--didn't cry or fuss like the rest of us. I suspect she's not fully human; she must be part Sainted baby. I expected her to bless us at any second, holding up two fingers and waving them our way as most baby pope statues do. Didn't help at all at the house, except for being sure that the wine bottles were properly opened. Luckily, no one made us go around and say what we're thankful for because that inevitably turns cheesy and sad. We briefly played charades, but since I cut up all of the tags, I wasn't allowed to guess and could only act out movies. Stephanie's husband got one right away--I forget what it was--but I just did one gesture and he was like, The Fall of the House of Usher! Brilliant.


Lisa Marie said…
What is the one thing I was thankful for on Thanksgiving? The fact that I live no more than 7 blocks away from Aimee, that she has a great oven, and is a good friend who I could call in a panic. If it weren't for Aimee and her close proximity, I would have had 10 people over for Thanksgiving with no turkey to serve. Although no one really ate that much of the Turkey, partly because it was under cooked, the effort we put into the whole ordeal made up for it and people seemed to forgive me.
Aimee said…
Hey, thanks. I'm happy to lend you my oven any time as I seldom use it except to light cigarettes!