Am Thankful Also Not to be Cooking

My contribution to the Thanksgiving dinner will be brie, crackers, celery and carrots with dip, and wine. None of which required any sweat or tears on my part. Lisa Marie is making a turkey and everything else.
Here are some great Thanksgiving crafts you can do to make this joyous holiday even more fabulous (as taken from Martha Stewart's Living magazine):

1. Catch a few squirrels and dress them up in traditional pilgrim/Native American wear (probably just hats) and put on a play re-enacting the first Thanksgiving.

2. After eating the turkey, separate all of the bones and glue them to a large piece of paper and label each bone with its proper anatomical name (tibia, fibia, ulna, radius, etc.).

3. Fill the bathtub with hot cider (requires approximately twenty gallons of juice) and bob for cranberries.

4. Get a copy of Pilgrim's Progress, cut out relevant passages and replace and fill in the blanks with random verbs and nouns to rewrite the book ala a Mad Lib.

5. Gather 500 pine cones and build a two-room tepee.

6. Take turns giving each other traditional Native American hair-cuts while wearing blindfolds.

7. It's never too late to enter your balloon in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

8. Invade the home of your neighbors wearing pilgrim garb, tie them up, and feed them turkey.

9. Put saddles on 4-6 live turkeys and have turkey races in the living room.

10. After you're bored with the turkey races, pluck the birds and use the feathers to weave together skirts and head-dresses and then perform a traditional Native American rain dance on the front lawn.