I Have the Musical Tastes of a 23 year old frat boy from 1993

Now that I have nearly 500 songs on my i-pod (had more but accidentally deleted them all and had to start over), I am starting to realize that my taste in music is pretty goofy. I almost always listen to the i-pod on "shuffle," and then fitfully hit "next song" if I don't like what comes on until I find something I do want to hear. More often than I'd like to admit, the song I settle on is by Greenday or BareNaked Ladies or Blind Melon or The Lemonheads. Tragic.

Got to meet Padhraig's sister and her boyfriend on Sunday. Padhraig made brunch and we got to taste real, smuggled in Irish bacon. Then we walked downtown and the Suzanne and Carrie went to the spa and Padhraig and Richard and I went to Macy's. We walked down to Borders and Padhraig found my book. They had five in stock at the Philadelphia store and a few in other area stores. Very exciting. They also had them alphabetized in the wrong place, but I asked the guy and he moved them. Richard bought one which I thought was very nice since I don't think the stories really appeal to 20-something men so much. Not one single narrator is a guy.


Liz said…
I didn't know they had your book in the stores here! I want to buy it in person and then talk incessantly in the line about how fabulous you are thereby causing others to feel the need to buy it as a result. Although that might just be obnoxious and backfire. Perhaps i'll just purchase it quietly and leave well enough alone.
paddy said…
As your agent I fully expect my 25% cut for the book Richard bought. By god, I earned it!
Aimee said…
I will have nickel for you next time I see you!