Let Your Kitten Be Your Guide

If anyone can help me make an eye patch for a cat, please let me know. Thank you. There will be a substantial reward.

Spent most of last night reading Jasmine for our class tomorrow and also have been trying to swim through What is the What? by Dave Eggers for my final paper. Guess what I'm learning throughout this course? Lots and lots and lots of people around the world have been murdered, raped and enslaved in the last several years. But we never hear about it here in America because MTV hasn't figured out how to make this idea of genocide into a hip new reality TV series yet. Let's send Paris Hilton to Darfur and see how she fairs. I feel like I need to adopt a child, and not in an Angelina-J way, like in a real way. Do they let single women adopt needy children? I won't even specify gender (though female is preferred or a boy who likes dolls).

Here's what I love about South Philly: There are a few different ways for me to get to the subway each morning and so I take a different route now and then and that means I get to see new window displays. Many people in South Philly like to have decorations in the windows; either religious iconography (Virgin Mary being the most popular) or other decorative, granny type stuff like ceramic clowns (scary). And sometimes, on a good day, you'll even see the Virgin Mary, her son, Jesus and a few clowns hanging out on the window ledge with them.

This morning's walk was a three Virgin Mary, two dogs petted day (both small Pomerians whose tongues were lolling out in the heat).