Junebug Eats Buddha

This is Jodie's cat, Junebug, devouring an iconic image that is meant to represent peace among humankind. Cats don't care about that sort of thing.

I sat near a guy on the subway today who looked like he was on the nod, though I didn't see any track marks on his arms. He wore a stained white t-shirt, blue jogging pants with pockets and yellow construction boots. Can you get a creeped out vibe from someone for no real reason? Is it a valid vibe or invalid b/c you're making certain judgments and assessments that might not be rooted in fact at all. Okay, so he was sitting there staring off into space with his eyes half open like an addict. In his hand, he held a crinkled subpoena to appear in court and it said something like, "Bail is set at $XXX." Does that mean he's appearing in court to either make bail or not make bail and will be going to jail? They don't go over this kind of detail in Law & Order. He just seemed off in some way; not necessarily dangerous (he was too f-ed up to move very quickly), but not of the ordinary world. He had it enough together to get to court on the right day at the right time (on the paper, it said "Do not forget to bring this paper with you under penalty of death!"). So, maybe he was just tired from working all night and had a cold which would explain why his mouth hung open and he's going to court to defend himself for intervening on behalf of an old crippled lady. It's possible, but not likely.

My favorite cartoonist in the world is Lynda Barry because she remembers so precisely what it was like to be a kid: