Jodie and Padhraig are both gone, what is left of the world?

Jodie's visit was too brief--I feel like she was only here for about 35 seconds and then had to go. Maybe that's because we spent 3 hours of our time in Target, but that was fun. We tried on clothes and fondled sparkly things and looked at digital cameras and basically, it was just good to be with her, even though she's peer pressuring me to join facebook. She even helped me take care of my ant problem in the kitchen. The ants were basically taking over the cat food dishes and building an entire fortress in my house. Jodie sprayed them and then mopped up the floor afterwards. I think she should come live with me forever. And then Padhraig left for Notre Dame yesterday and will be gone for a month, studying whatever it is that he studies; something to do with Irish people.

Went to yoga class tonight and was proud of myself for being able to (sort of) do the sideways handstand. For some reason, I can do it better with my left arm than my right. You would think it would be the opposite because I am right-handed, but no, my right arm just folds right underneath me when I try to use it to balance my entire body weight on one arm.

I have decided that Emma Carol is really a living squeak toy. She must make a trilling sound every time she does anything. This makes her not a very good hunter, as it alerts every creature within a two foot radius that she is around.


jodie said…
oh, BUNNY. You join facebook NOW!!!

I went to see Jess & Scott's house tonight, and it is awesome. Plus, Jess has the cutest (and hardest) bump! I said hello to it in a deep voice and scared the baby.
Jessica Enoch said…
i wish you came to visit too. It was so fun to have Jodie here--come (quickly).