I Hope Abhishta Never Finds This Blog and Finds Out How Much I Love Him

Abhishta is my friend at work who makes jokes during large staff meetings like, "I know the lights are off so you can't really see me, but I'm here." Today at lunch, he asked me why he had to sit in the corner, if it was because he is brown?I said, Yes. Because you are brown and you talk funny. Talk like a normal 'Merican, damnit! He is actually one of the most gentlemanly guys I know and I was shocked today when he used the "f" word, though it was in relation to world politics so I understand.

I have this scab on my elbow and I confess that I can't stop picking at it. I want to pull the whole thing off and see if it bleeds, though I know it will hurt. Okay, I stopped. I even put a Band Aid over it so I wouldn't be tempted.

Have still been doing the writing in the morning, though it's really only journaling, but the other day, I got this book from the library that has writing prompts in it and so I decided that I could give myself a writing assignment for the subway portion of my day, especially now that my iPod is still broken. The writing assignment for yesterday was to write three or four different introductory paragraphs to the same story with each paragraph meant to convey something else; like the beauty of summer or the nature of conceit (I don't know what that means). I wrote three different opening paragraphs for a story I'd like to write which is now called "Crushin' on Jesus." I may have mentioned it in an earlier post, though right now, it's just an idea, not much content. The central character would be this 13 year old named Joy who is raised in a non religious household but who spends time at her Catholic friend's house and develops a horrible crush on the adult Jesus. The first paragraph ended up being about the friend's household, how there was always something happening; the second was about Joy secretly joining the church choir but not wanting her mom to find out; and the third paragraph was a description of a Jesus figure in a stained glass window.

Today, the exercise is to write a poem or story that begins with something that surprised you recently. I couldn't think of anything that surprised me. Nothing much does so I wrote instead a list of things that didn't surprise me, like the imprint of a dead baby bird on the sidewalk, this urban fossil. I see a few of those per week on my way to and from work. I am not a very good poet. I use words like "heart" and "silence" and "still." I 'll see what I can come up with on the ride home.

Or a story called "Against My Better Judgment." That is the title of the story of my life.


Anonymous said…
i miss having abhishta in my staff meetings! you lucky duck, you.

Aimee said…
It's not really that fun. He only gets to talk every once in awhile.