I Killed My iPod

It wasn't intentional, but my iPod is dead. I dropped it on the floor and the front cracked and now it won't turn on. It is the saddest thing ever. I can't buy another one because they're too much money and I could only get this one b/c I had a $50 gift card so woe is me. Yesterday, I kept going back to it, thinking that maybe it would work if I pushed the button just one more time. I was like a mother bird whose dead babies no longer peep but who tries to feed them worms anyway. Or something like that. It didn't turn on. RIP. I no longer have music--actually, that's not true because I do have a small $6.99 radio Walkman and gigantic headphones. I need to walk home from TUCC today and so will bring that along. I know there are ways to fix it--just found a few online so maybe something will work and I don't have to utterly despair.

Finished What is the What? last night and sobbed and sobbed at the end (which I never do. He uses this beautiful device at the end where the narrator speaks directly to the reader, asking for you to listen, to respond). It's a great book. It's a great terrible book that makes me almost want to do something to help Sudanese refugees. I suppose I could be a mentor. I'll type up the end of the book after I return home so you can know what I mean. Will have to read Distant Star tonight since I couldn't find it this weekend.


Liz said…
Do you have the Best Buy warranty on your ipod? They might be able to fix it if you pretend you have no idea it's cracked. They fixed mine even though I treat it a little, ah, roughly and the plastic top was half popped off revealing the innards - which I suspect is one tiny piece of technology to run the thing and then lots of chips coded with f* you missives to all the girls who laughed at Steve Jobs in high school...am I the only one who thinks that?