Eat Your Turkey and Shut Up

We are not going to any family outings this week or weekend in celebration of the pilgrims eating a meal with the Indians after invading their continent closely followed by the subsequent slaughter of thousands of Native Americans. Instead, we are at Rocket Cat right now--Shawn using my laptop to research how to repair squeaky floors and I using the coffee shop computer and procrastinating any fiction writing. Tonight, we have reservations for a prix fixe (sp?) dinner at Astro Plane. You get appetizers, entrees, dessert, and coffee for a mere $36 each. Then tomorrow, we will venture to Home Depot to rent a sander and scary the living BeJesus out of the cats by shaving off part of our hardwood floors. I have this great hardcover home book that tells you how to do almost anything to your house short of building your own out of Lincoln Logs. I "oh" and "ah" over the projects, but can never imagine actually hot-gluing embroidered daisies to a handmade shower curtain, no matter how cute the result. Most of the projects are like how to paint a room, how to build a desk, how to put in track lighting, but the chapter called "soft decorating" explains how to make your own sheets, a hanging shoe caddy, pillowcases, a down comforter, seat cushions, tablecloths, etc. But why would you spend ten hours and a good amount of money to measure, cut out, and sew a shoe caddy when you can go to Target and buy one in less than 30 minutes? I suppose it's the satisfaction of DIY, but I am often too impatient for that.

Jess and Scott came in last night and we went to eat at Pura Vida, a byob in Northern Liberties where I had maybe the best penne pasta with shrimp in my life. We talked and talked and talked and drank wine and Jess gave us a yummy smelling candle for a housewarming gift and two pretty decorative pieces from New Hampshire, a belated b-day present. We must go visit them in Pittsburgh soon. It's only a four hour drive; just a little more than driving to State College. We can compare houses and I'm sure we will be jealous.

Okay, have a good Thanksgiving. Right now, I am thankful to be able to sit here with a warm cup of coffee in the company of fellow coffee drinkers with Shawn a few feet away.


Liz said…
Oh, to be at Rocket Cat on a Thanksgiving afternoon. It was rainy and miserable here and today...well, today is a long story that I will save for ProcrastiNation.