How did the party go?

Well, about ten people showed up, maybe 15? Not many. No one wants to come to Fishtown because it's hard to get cabs from our neighborhood and also because Haley lives across the street (my mom e-mailed me today to tell me not to be too specific in my blogs b/c Haley's mom or someone else might read my journal and tell on me. This is why I never write about work or about anything too too personal. Now I am being a defiant daughter). After I saw Padhraig in the coffee shop, we drove to pick up Liz and Luke at the bus station while Shawn went across state lines to buy beer and wine and alcohol to make punch. Then we went shopping for food and for costume ideas and then back to my fav place in the entire world, Circle Thrift. I was making fun of Padhraig b/c when he was claiming he could go as a French aristocrat and lo and behold, he did it. He found a white George Washington wig, a ruffled shirt, a tie, and leather leggings. If we had prizes, he would've won. I'll get Shawn to send pics from the party. I wore a blue sequined dress and devil ears and a tail. Get it? I would've been cute except for at the last second, I added all of this Halloween make-up--white powder and black around my eyes and blood. Who knows why. Shawn shaved off his beard and became unrecognizable to everyone. He went as a half-dressed, one armed Ken doll. More later, with photos.


ben said…
your party was not well attended because this song was not on the playlist: