Like, How Do you Feel about California So Far?

i've not been writing about this vacation at all--we've only been here one night and one day, but I still feel bad about not recording something--not writing down the flight here, the flight where I sat for 5 hours next to a very large woman. The seats are small as it is, but even worse when you're crunched next to Large Marge. Shawn said he felt like he had arms like a brontosaurus, you could only make small arm movements. We made it. Zena picked us up at the airport and then we drove into Berkeley--love that city--lots of hippies, lots of green. Zena showed us the campus and we took an elevator in Barrowes ? Stepped into the elevator with an older man who was seriously irritated by the fact that we pushed the fourth floor button instead of seven. As we exited the elevator, I waved my hands in the air, "omigod, I have so much research to do!" The professor didn't notice.

Zena lives in an awesome apartment with hard wood floors and bulit in cabinets. We had wine at Zena's and a shot of tequilla (I had whiskey) and then we went to get coffee and then after walking through campus, we stopped at Free Speech and saw a huge squirrel eating a banana. We went to a bar and had a beer and went to look for CDs at Amoeba and then went to Jupiter to eat pizza. Zena was almost picked up by an older man named Paul. He took her email. Back to Zena's and watched Fargo--one of my favorite movies and fell asleep on the fold out sofa and slept well.

Shawn woke up early and took a walk while Zena and I drank coffee. Had breakfast at this cute coffee shop and then Shawn and I took a trolley down to the waterfront (someone on the trolley sang "Rice a Roni" which was embarrassing. At the waterfront, we went to the Musea Mechinque where we put quarters into slots to watch antique mechanical carnival machines. My fortune from the grandma fortune teller machine told me I shouldn't travel too much. I won a contest in a firefighter machine and then we took our pictures in one of those booths. Next, my favorite part of the day--the sea lions. Oh, have you ever seen sea lions up close? They are cute and fat and clumsy and loud. They loll on these floating plank boards, drying in the sun and barking into the sky--fighting each other and scratching themselves with their fins.

We're leaving soon, so I'll try to write more later.


Can you elaborate on the banana-eating squirrel?