Our Houses, Ourselves

We spent the holiday sanding the living and dining room floor. And when I say "we" i really mean "Shawn." I helped move the furniture and pounded the nails into the wood to avoid sparking a fire with the sander, and I helped sweep and sanded for about 15 minutes, but the rest of the time, I sat outside smoking cigarettes and solving Suduko puzzles until it was time to help him move something else. It's back breaking work, especially when you do the edging because you have to crouch over the whole time. Shawn did very well. He wore a mask and kept pretending he was an astronaut by breathing heavily through it (or he might have been pretending to be Darth Vader, I'm not sure).

Above is the living room before--not our decor, but the decor of the previous tenants.
Below are the floors, half not sanded, and half sanded but with no polyurethane

And here is our beautiful new room!

And here I am, not working.


Anonymous said…
love love love the floors.
i can't wait to come visit and see them one of these days.
Anonymous said…
Where is all the talk of the work I did???

Liz said…
I love the room. Can't wait to come sit in it.
jodie said…
that looks BEAU-tiful!