To Post or Not to Post

No excuses for not writing more often here, except I'm busy at work and I write every morning in that 750 thing (201 days in a row, give or take 10 days of vacation since January and 2 or 3 times cheating by just cutting and pasting). Have been trying to work on a novel--would it be possible to write a book by doing a lame 20 minutes of blather every morning for a year? Don't think so. It helps in getting lots of content, but much of it is crap. I found an old notebook of mine from 2006 this weekend and it had a scene for the donation story that I would like to use. This makes me think I should go back to all of my old notebooks and search for scraps of salvageable writing, but reading old journal entries can be depressing or discouraging, especially when you know how things turn out. Stuff like, "Can't wait to move in with Shawn..." Followed two years later by "So glad Shawn and I broke up. Why did I move in with him in the first place?"

I found these two pieces of cardboard in a garbage heap today while walking in to work on Walnut Street. I like them both--I want to alter them somehow.

And then Dan bought me a bunch of books at the Princeton Library that I can't wait to read or give away. Finished one already--While I Was Gone, by Sue Miller. Very good. Seven thumbs up.