Things we did in Park Slope in 4 hours time yesterday:

Headed into Brooklyn. The drive was a breeze.

1. Had a delicious meal at Mimi's Hummus with more food than we could finish including delicious mint iced lemonade. The decor had this cool wall of old black and white family photos.

Blurry, yet still glamorous Liz with her mint lemonade.

2. Liz bought a rolling pin at the 99 cent store for $1.99. Pretty much nothing in the store was under a dollar.

3. We went to a nearby stable and petted some horses and JJ rode a pony for $3. All of the horses seemed to be named after treats--Snickers, Smores, Chocolate Chip.

Chocolate Chip.

4. Walked through Prospect Park and petted lots of dogs and JJ walked up dozes of concrete steps until we reached the very top. It was like we weren't in the city anymore--surrounded by trees and giant sunflowers. In the distance, you could hear someone beating a drum for a drum circle.

JJ, age 2, on Smores.

5. Bought Italian ices from Luigi's. Dan got pina colada that he said was amazing. I had soft serve with hot fudge.

6. Browsed a toy store blasting the first Star Wars over the speakers. They had an amazing selection of hand puppets. Liz bought JJ a Thomas the train. She also bought these two little mini-animals for me to give to Dan's Luke (a meerkat and a penguin--69 cents each).

7. At a street flea market, found a brown and white, off the shoulder dress for Liz ($25) and a squeaky rusty, funky office armless office chair for Luke ($27).

8. Liz found 3 colorful frames for JJ's drawings ($1) and a toy tool box ($2) at a sidewalk sale outside of a brownstone.

9. Also grabbed up some free plastic whales and a sea lion that another somebody had left out for free.

10. Rode the subway back and didn't give money to a slight little begging for change with a fat baby strapped to her chest.

Liz also gave me a cat toy to give to Emma Carol and Ernesto---that round circle thing with a ball in it that the cats can chase. I tried to get Snake (below) to play with it, but she would just lay on the circle, blocking the ball with her giant body.