Naked Kitchen

The kitchen has been stripped of all of its cabinets. Today, the professional IKEA installation men arrived promptly at 8 AM to begin IKEA-fying the new space. On Saturday, I sat around biting my fingernails, waiting for the cabinets to arrive and they did at around 7 PM. Not sure what to expect when I get home. He said it would take about two days. I can't wait to put my cereal boxes away. The hardest thing, I think, will be not having a sink for the next couple of weeks until the counters get installed. And also dealing with the angst of the cats who are locked in the basement currently and probably eating one another.

Here's some photos of what we did two weekends ago.This is Dan bravely painting with his eyes shut to avoid retinal damage.

Side view.
I did help too. I cheered him on.

And then this past weekend, we tackled the hardest part of the kitchen which was the sink cabinet. 

First, Dan had to disconnect the garbage disposal and work with the plumbing, and then we had to figure out thebest way to get this mo-fo out of the front door.We did it my way, which is to use blunt force and jam it out as fast as possible, regardless of consequences. No one was hurt, though the cabinet did start to come apart.


My neighbors love me for trashing up the place. When I got home from work on Monday, I discovered that someone had removed the sink. This sink with the faucet we broke on the way out. They took it all. Fingers crossed that the garbage men will toss this whole thing in their truck. Otherwise, I might just start hosting outdoor drink specials.

Lovely and amazing. Didn't bother to paint this part b/c it'll get covered up by cabinets anyway.
Emma Carol's momentary interest has waned.