Somehow, despite feeling like I remain inert most of the time, this kitchen is getting rebuilt. You may have to endure a few rounds of this as appliances get put in on Saturday and next week and counter tops arrive. I did take a picture of my light switch that I won't subject you to.

Here is where the dishwasher will go, if the dishwasher people can ever get around to scheduling a delivery.
I have lots of drawers. I'm not sure why.
The cabinets. The counter people are bringing the sink. It's an under mount sink and should be easier to clean.
Can't wait until that broken oven no longer mars the beauty of the room.
Shelf beside the fridge. More drawers.

Side cabinet. Drawers.
We were going to try to run the counter across to the shelf, but I don't think I want to do that anymore.
Easy storage for cats.
He's always only thinking about how he might be able to get outside.