More Kitchen

I can't stop. Here are the cabinets that they put in yesterday. Today when I get home from work, all of them should be installed, down to the very last faux silver handle. Thank you, Colin, for making up this whole entire design while I stood passively by with little or no opinion or feedback to offer.

New cabinets with actual glass on them.
The hole to the right is where the tiny, baby dishwasher will go
The only thing I will miss about this fridge when it's gone is the Obama sticker
It's hard to make the photos exciting
Looking in. Goodbye, shitty oven

In this empty area, there will be a new microwave
These drawers should be in when I get home tonight
And just because I realize other people's house crap is boring, here's my co-worker, Jason, dressed as Gumby. He scared me when he came in looking like this.I am not a fan of the full body costume.


Anonymous said…
How did I not see Jason wearing this costume? My work day is not as creative as yours.