For our Labor Day, we went to see Liz and Luke in Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn with all of its high buildings and people and cool coffee shops and dogs (we actually didn't see that many dogs, unfortunately) and the diversity--you just don't see that many Hasadic people out and about in Philadelphia. I took a bunch of pictures, but here is just a sneak peek. I'll put the rest up on Friday. This is Dan driving. Overall, he did a good job, as he always does--I, of course, was a terrible passenger. 

This is the Verrazano Bridge
And again.
Her is JJ, chewing on the blue monkey we brought for him.
Wish these weren't so blurry. You can't see how beautiful he is.
In motion.
He is a very good baby. Hardly fusses, eats his veggies, smiles all the time--my only complaint is that you can't carry him around everywhere. He prefers his parents to a virtual stranger who is constantly making animal noises to capture his attention.