Pretend that You Care

I was going to title this post "House Porn," but when you put any even slightly provocative words in your blog title, you end up getting tons of spam comments. My friend Colin at work is helping me to plan my kitchen renovation and he and I and Dan went to Lowes on Tuesday to force me to commit to choices. I didn't actually buy anything, but here are the things I'm going to buy, in ridiculous detail.

The oven or stove, whichever you prefer. It has 5 burners!
I will also get a matching microwave, to save on counter space.

This is the tiniest dishwasher in the world at 18". It can fit 2 teacups and 3 spoons.

French door-ed fridge


Side door with Dan.

Interior doors with Dan's band aid (not included in cost of fridge).
Possible back splash idea. We have moved to IKEA at this point.

In total, the three appliances would end up costing a little over $3,000, which doesn't seem that bad to me. I could go with more basic pieces, but I want them to be nice. The oven and dishwasher are GE and the fridge in Samsung (they didn't have a GE fridge that matched). 

Will I ever really do this renovation? Not after watching many of the shows on the DIY network, where they always have these renovations that grow exponentially in cost as they realize they're located on a sacred Indian burial ground or discover a family of friendly raccoons within the walls or install everything upside down. So, maybe I will take a break from those shows so that I can gather my courage. 

In the meantime, we always have this:


Anonymous said…
OMG, love the appliances... Good work. When are you renovating????