No Time For You

I am suddenly taking two writing classes and going to a conference tomorrow and so have been too busy this week to write. And I still need to finish up a few tasks, so here is your bullett-ed update:

1. Screenwriting class: no text, which I think is a little weird. 11 students, all but three are guys. Does that mean that men are more interested in screenwriting than women? Is screenwriting, like, the masculine writing discipline? Teacher played some clips from This American Life and stand up by my new favorite person, Mike Birbiglia. We got out early and have 10 pages of work due on Tuesday.

2. Fiction class: I don't like it when we read our stuff out loud in a circle. For one thing, I'd rather spend the time talking about the craft of writing. And for another, I am not totally shy, but I am secretly a little shy and then I wonder about the other people around me who might be really shy. We also did two guided visualizations; one was more productive for me (about grandparents), but it's not my favorite way to work. The teacher brought in her Havanese dog, Mr. Bojangles and I was so happy the whole time. He looked like this except all grown up:

3. We pulled some things off of the kitchen wall to repair for the kitchen renovation. Will have to post pictures later.

4. It went from being air conditioning weather to tights-wearing weather in the scope of 12 hours. I'm secretly glad of this as my PECO bill was $210 last month.

5. Went to see the teen slasher, 3D movie, Fright Night last Saturday.  I thought that maybe it would be good because Toni Colette is in it and she seems like a smart woman and Colin Farrell also has a role and he seems not totally washed up. It wasn't that great. I have issues with plausibility in all movies, even the vampire next door genre. But we still had fun.

That's all for now. Will try to write more next week.