More Brooklyn

I almost forgot that I took a bunch of pictures from my real camera last weekend. Now I miss Brooklyn. Not Liz or Luke or JJ, just the city. But first, here's a time when my worlds collided. Dan brought Luke in to my work last Friday. They climbed on the Button. Kids simply cannot resist it.

Dan and Luke on a Penn icon

At the House of Pigeons

I didn't capture the whole thing--someone feeds them tons of bird seed every day.
Love the scary lion
Dan with JJ.
Liz with Blue Monkey.

Incongruous. Baby at Cemetery.
Same day, different lion.
Basquiat is buried here--not exactly here, but in this cemetery.
The picture of grief

This is Tessa. She drools.
Dan working on a design.
We spent part of Sunday at Brighton Beach and then walked over to  Coney Island.

I tried not to think what would happen if you threw up in this thing.
Dan asked me to take this picture.
Roller coaster.
Old photo of Coney Island.
Does anyone ever win though?
Like the teacups at Disney except not.
He is a very good baby.

This was a side show. What if that were your job, to show up and be the headless body each day?
Why children are scared of the Scream Zone.
He is wet from the beach, not from his diaper.
This person was dressed like a woman but had a black mustache drawn on his /her face.
For dinner, we ate at this lovely restaurant called The Farm ( I have the same skirt, but never wear it. There's hardly ever an occasion where it's called for.


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