When I Sing Out Loud in the Car

I have this recurring fantasy that I'm in a bar somewhere singing karaoke with a large group of my friends and peers, and I totally amaze them by having this awesome singing voice. They have to stop what they're doing as I sing, because they're so enthralled, and even strangers around us pause to listen. I think it's because I (like most people?) secretly think I have a good singing voice. This contrary to the fact that when I did musical theater in high school, the director opted to allow me to sing one line "Somewhere...Over the rainbow..." before he brought on a real singer to do the rest and my character slowly vanished upstage. I think it must be the acoustics of the car that trick me. I did take singing lessons once from a friend of mine in college. She was a music education major and in one of her classes, she had to pick someone with a moderate singing voice, train her/him for a few months, and then the person would come into class and perform--like a Pygmalion--bad-to-good kind of change. I can't remember what I sang ("Ave Maria?"), but the class wasn't inspired to burst into a spontaneous standing ovation.

I imagine my karaoke fantasy would go something like this: