Friday Photos: cookies, cakes, and cats

My 3 favorite words! A couple of weeks ago, I decided it would be fun if Luke, Dan, and I used the Christmas cookie cutter things my mom bought me at the Christmas Tree Shoppe in CT. So, we bought the ingredients, though did so before realizing that Dan doesn't have a rolling pin or an oven. Whoops! We ended up using a tin can of some kind and the landlady's oven, along with her ancient flour-sifter. The cookies had some rust in them, but only a little. Here is the second batch, after I gave up on the cookie cutter idea.

And a few from the first batch--candy canes, Christmas trees, stars, and a Santa blob. The cookie dough was Pillsbury sugar cookie brand. Totally delicious.

This is a cat in a window.

The moon.

Random Philadelphia art--I think taken on Lombard Street.

Left-over Halloween decorations.

And again.
Oh, this is Ernesto, lounging in the living room the other night.

Aerial view.
Then, last night, Lisbeth, Nicole, and I attended a cake decorating class in Center City, courtesy of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. About 20 people showed up. We each got our own yellow cake, a tub full of frosting, and the various utensils needed to frost a cake, including those long plastic pieces of paper to put the frosting in. Here is Lisbeth's cake. Pretty nice, huh?

And mine. The pink frosting in the middle was the last thing I did, and you can see that it had started to melt. I'm glad I took pictures, because as soon as I put the cake back into the box, the top of it got stuck to the lid and messed everything up. We got to keep the spatulas. Free cake at my house this weekend.