My Christmas Wish List

I know that you are all wondering what I would like for Christmas, and so here is a list. Please do not veer from it!

1. Cat toys/accouterments, such as cardboard box lids.

2. Something to sit in while I'm watching The Bachelor so that I feel like I'm part of the action (this one was actually my friend Kelly's idea).

3. A real one, not a fake one. Dog too.

4. Elective surgery can be purchased on gift cards now.

5. Remember when Jane Seymour was in that movie, Somewhere in Time? And Christopher Reeves played a guy who falls in love with a stage actress from the turn-of-the-century and is somehow able to go back in time to meet her and then they both die and are reunited in heaven (not to spoil it for you)? Well, Superman is gone, but Jane Seymour lives on with this lovely, Open Heart jewelry. Perfect for if you want to wear something around your neck that looks like butt cheeks:

Thank you in advance for your generosity!