JJ Comes to Town

Last weekend, Brooklyn Liz and her five-month old baby came into Princeton on the train and visited us for a few hours. This is a good baby. He hardly fussed, and he was just really smiley. Luke was so excited about meeting him that the night before, he said, "I can't fall asleep! I can't wait to see J.J." Never mind that he never met him before. Here they are in the Princeton Library. Luke would not stop wanting to hold him.

Notice how he's touching the soft spot in the baby's head as if the baby is holy.

Reading books. J.J. already likes books, which is not surprising, since his parents are big readers.

J.J. liked Luke too.

See what I mean about being smiley. When I held him over my head, he puked on me a little.

I love his little monkey socks.

And Dalmatian coat. And strawberry hat. He may have an identity crisis when he gets older, but for now, he's just cute.

This was the day Luke learned about breast milk.


I was pretty sure Luke was going to drop him, but he really wouldn't stop asking to hold the baby.

Dalmatian ears.

Okay, and then that night, we bought a Christmas tree and decorated it. The tree wouldn't stay upright, so Dan hammered a nail to the windowsill and tied it with a string.

The blanket is one I'm lending them.

Oh, and finally, a beautiful Christmas window for you.


Leigh Ann said…
What a cute baby!!!