The Lap of Luxury

Every other week, a very nice woman named Jiselle brings a crew in to clean my house. I have a certain amount of middle class guilt about this, while at the same time really loving coming home and finding that finally, someone has vacuumed. I keep the house picked up, but I don't sweep, mop, or dust. Here is an example of the kind of detail Jiselle brings to her job, this bow in the box of Kleenex, which, in this context, appears to be being blessed by the noseless baby Pope.

Some holiday cheer for you.

This is the same house--the decorations they placed in the side window.

Nothing says holiday time like Holiday Excitement Barbie.

Snoopy and wreaths.

The little baby Jesus behind bars.

A stately wreath.

This is how my cats stay warm.

Because I sometimes turn the heat wayyyyyy down.


See? You are very thrifty with your money and can stop feeling guilty! It is okay to freeze your cats (that is why they have fur) and the money you save on the heat bill can pay for clean floors and cute tissue bows.