We Welcome the Amish (on Wednesdays only)

Every Wednesday morning, an Amish family sets up a fruit stand outside of the Penn bookstore. They're not the only ones there--we also have a tent of fruit and vegetables starring the handsome apple seller guy, who has a cleft chin so deep, you could store change there. He looks a bit unreal, attractive in a kind of super hero comic book way. Like this except picture him wearing Dockers, a baseball hat, and carrying apples:

And then the bakery also has day-old cookies for sale. But the Amish offer this really excellent yogurt whose name I can't think of right now. I guess it's locally-made and fresh, which accounts for its deliciousness. I'm always cheered up on Wed. mornings when I rise up from the trolley stop underneath Sansom and see them setting up their tents for the day. It means the week is half-way over and I will have a good breakfast, thanks to the Amish family.


Sinead said…
I will have to check out this guy and the yogurt!