The South Street Bridge Opening Has Changed My Life

For the better. I can now take the subway three stops, get off at South and Broad, and walk the rest of the way to work in about half an hour.

And it's a nice walk. Lots of little shops and restaurants. I bought two Clemintines, an apple, a Greek yogurt, and Health Nut trail mix at a little store somewhere, along with pumpkin-flavored coffee. It was there that I had a brief conversation with another woman trying to pour coffee. I didn't like her because she seem exasperated that the guy ahead of us was grabbing drinks for his work crew, but I talked to her anyway. Later in the walk, I saw this black homeless-looking guy fiddling with his belt in a doorway. Another woman was walking toward me and I saw she was looking at him too, and frowning. I said, What is he doing? She said, He's peeing. He's peeing in those people's doorway. I said, That's a nice way to start your morning.

They're also doing construction near Penn for the new Penn park. Here is a crane with flair.

I'm indecisive as to whether I like this door or not. It's kind of cool, but it also looks as though you should be on the side of a stable, not a row home. Maybe they're boarding ponies?

Did not steal this bike, though would have liked to.

I like the architectural detail here with the two dogs standing guard.

Random graffiti.

Overall, it was a nice morning. I need to leave my house a little earlier to avoid being late though. Jen B. and I will be walking home after work. Yay!

-Number of dogs petted: 2
-Number of random conversations with strangers: 2


Leigh Ann said…
I saw that same modern-y door and thought the same thing! That I couldn't decide if I liked it and wanted to live there! I concluded that I love the door and think the iron over the window is too industrial and looks more like a prison.