Clothes Horse

This is some interesting graffiti that I encountered on my morning walk across South Street Bridge. I think it's a rabbit. A rabid rabbit. I am very happy that the construction is done on South Street--it'll make my Tuesday evening commute home from the Penn Museum so much easier.

This is the outside of two shops I like. Spool is a fabric store and Loop is a knitting store. Clever, huh?

Thanksgiving bears on my street.

Oh, and these are the Halloween decorations in my window. Luke made the witch on the broom.

And Dan made the vampire. I did the ghosts. Hey spell out Happy Halloween!!

A bat and a warty witch. Luke made the pumpkins. Please note that he copied my multi-cut out technique above.
Frankenstein and black cat.

Okay, and this week at the Princeton Green Street, I totally scored on stuff. Black hat from Banana Republic, Nine West shoes, and that's a real brand new tank top directly from BR that I forced Dan to buy me.

This is an earlier--an olive-studded dress.

And a black dress from BR.

Brown skirt from Anthrolpologie and a v-neck lacy shirt. I will not wear these together.

Denim skirt and a black shirt that I bought accidentally. For real. I didn't realize it was in the pile of stuff I brought to the counter. I like it though.

This is Dan and Luke at the Princeton vs. Penn tailgate this Saturday.

And Luke. He has lost two teeth so far.

A sign we saw on lunch yesterday. Does not make me want to eat there.

Orange tabby through a screen.

Emma Carol's doppelganger plus some weird decoration.

That's it for today. Class tonight and I have to turn in my donation story. Needs revision.