Get Out There and Vote for the Cutest Candidate

I was very proud of myself for going to the polling station before work this morning. It was held at South Philadelphia High School, where the students have to go through metal detectors every day before school in case they might have a gun or a knife or other sharp objects to wound each other with. I figured I would be waiting in line for like maybe an hour or so, but no one was there. It was also early--like 8:15, so maybe it picks up, but there weren't any signs on the front of the school or calls to vote or much of anything. My neighbor who yells at her kids all day was also there, helping out. I wanted to ask her who she would be voting for, but that's probably illegal. Anyway, the whole thing took four seconds and I was then able to feel like I'd really done something important and citizen-like, even though I know I probably wouldn't have voted if it had taken me out of my way or been difficult to do.

Also, Michelle Obama was on campus yesterday and I didn't even see her. But here she is: