This Regular Blog is Becoming a Video Blog

Yes, I'm sorry about that. I've been having trouble getting to this blog as much as I would like because of work and being lazy.But we watched the whole entire thing last night, which also means that this is a fairly long video recap.I look darling in it, as per usual, except for when I look like a sausage. This season of taping recaps has taught me two things: (1). I never want to go blond; and (2). I can't wait for the next season when I can play more than one character.

Dan is a trooper. When my friends see one of these videos, they always say, What a good sport he is! But trust me, he likes doing this as much as I do. Or more.


julie said…
AHAHHAAAAAAHAAAAA!!! I KNEW (and hoped) you were going to make fun of the way that Frank tried to get back with his ex by telling her all of the amazing things he and Ali did while traveling the world. What an idiot!

I wish you would have thrown the flower from your hair down on the ground though like she did.

Hilarious as usual! And big props to Dan. His Roberto accent will never get old.

Aimee said…
There was so much material that it was hard to decide what to do. We don't even have to invent anything, we just play it back the way that it was.
Anonymous said…
Just watching this every week makes my day... You both are crazy funny! These videos complete me.... haaa-haaa