As the World Turns

Is that soap even on any more? I wonder whatever happened to Holly from The Guiding Light? I bet you anything if it is still on and I tune in, that I'd be able to catch up in like 15 minutes. She's probably back with Roger, right?

I've given up on The Bachelorette commentary, at least until my Monday writing class is over and I can focus all of my attention. I pick Roberto. For me, it will always be about Roberto.

Dan and I were waiting for the train this morning and heard these two very South Philly people talking about their lives. One was a mail woman. I've seen her before. She's older with a kind of retro look--hair pulled up in a bandana like Bananarama and cat eye glasses. She was talking with this younger guy wearing a baseball hat, oversized polo shirt, and jean shorts. He also had a series of badly done tattoos, one of which read "Raw." She said, "Yeah, my neighbor's son just went to jail." The guy said, "For what?" She said, "He shot and killed somebody." He said, "Yeah, me too. But I did my time." She said, "Oh, well, it must have been an accident. YOu must have been crazy in the head." He shrugged. "Naw, not really." He went on to describe the crime, but I couldn't hear what he was saying b/c the train started barreling toward our stop.