Dog Sitting

Somehow, I managed to offer and be taken up on the offer to dog sit this weekend. I realized almost right away that I would need somehelp, so Lisa Marie has been my walker friend, even going so far as to get up at 6:45 AM this morning to get the dogs fed and walked at 7 AM. That's what I call a good friend.

I forgot how much energy dogs have. I'm used to cats who can sit or lie like lumps for hours at a time, barely requiring one to notice their existence. Dogs, on the other hand, are noisy breathers, they scratch at their collars, they pull your arm out of your socket as you walk them, and you have to pick up their warm poop with your hands. I still like dogs, but I do appreciate my Emma Carol just a little bit more, even though, this morning, she was walking all over the stovetop, flaunting her own saftey.

Anyway, here is an example of dog walking for you.


The clip where you can hear how fast we are walking to try and keep up with the dogs is the best! Are we walking them or are they walking us?
Aimee said…
Walking us, obviously.