Yes, Philadelphians, the World IS Your Trash Can

Jodie was in last week and she commented on how much trash we have lining the streets of historical and non-historical Philadelphia---pop and beer bottles, cigarette butts, diapers, the weird random white tennis shoe, a syringe, a penny. Not ALL of Philly is like this but A LOT of Philly is. My street is no exception. How does this happen? you might wonder. First, it's because you have lots of renters who don't take pride or ownership in their place (I am guilty of this--it's not like I sweep my front step every day) and second, I have seen many, many city dwellers just drop their shit on the ground. You could blame this in part on the fact that we don't have a lot of city trash cans around or the fact that we are lazy mo-fo's. I saw a man do this today while waiting for the Market Street line. He had a piece of paper that he just let flutter from his fingers onto the subway tracks. Yeah, hey, who cares, right? Why bother to walk the twenty feet to the garbage can when you could just release the trash from where you stand? This drives me crazy. So much so, that I appreciate when I see anyone not littering. For instance, another dude at the subway, some construction guy, walked over to the trash can and spit a loogie into it and I was like, Hey, thanks for hocking that in the can rather than the steps, man.