Inventions I Came Up With After They Were Already Invented

Okay, so another feature of this i-touch thing is that you can download books to read on it for very little $ and so I took advantage of this feature and bought a set of mysteries to read, including one called The Circular Staircase, an Edgar Allan Poe piece, and a Sherlock Holmes mystery, among others. I wanted to see if I would actually read the things or if I had misused my $3. I actually have been reading them while on the subway, though somewhat self-consciously--feeling slightly over-gadgeted. You know, who needs her book to be on a device? Why not just bring the book? At the same time, the story I'm reading is pretty engrossing, so I enjoy it and often wish I could read it while walking down the street. This is dangerous though, so the other day, I thought, Why don't they invent a book that you can read while you're walking? For a little while, I was thinking, Yes, genius, that would be great, and it would also be fabulous if you could continue to read while you're doing other things, like driving or taking a shower or any of the other activities that require some amount of physical focus. Then I realized, OH, right, podcasts. Books on tape. Duh, no duh. But really, that's not what I mean. I don't necessarily want to listen to the book--I still want to be able to read it; I just also want to be able to do the things I have to do at the same time.


so, maybe a tickertape sidebar thingie projected on the inside right lens of hyper-stylish glasses? :)