I've been meaning to post these few pictures from Friday night's girl happy hour...Celia is usually the photographer at these events and there would have been more photos, except she had given blood that day and started to feel vomituous after two beers. We went to Mantra again and the same waitress was there, Brie, though she had dyed her hair a darker brown. She seemed to remember us--recalled that we'd left her a stack of quarters as a joke, so that was nice.

In any case, here's lovely Ann with her stigmata.

And Irina, not wanting to get her photo taken. You may recall she exhibited similar hostility in the previous photo shoot. She (and others at the table) had had a pretty difficult week.
And Celia, a bit wan but otherwise cute as ever. Minutes after this photo was taken, she disappeared into the bathroom and when she returned, she said she had to leave. We really do need to plan another night out soon rather than waiting four months between seeing each other.
Oh, the most super exciting thing that's happened to me recently is that Lisa Marie gave me a present for helping me with her film. I was like, No, you don't have to give me anything. And she said, Yes, you will want this. So, of course, I was only protesting for show. I will take a present any day of the week. She said, Well, it's not wrapped, and I said, I don't care, and she ran inside the her house to get it for me. She came out with something in a brown plastic liquor store bag. I thought, Oh, good, a bottle of gin. But then I noticed it was brick-shaped and thought, Maybe a square of hashish? I unwrapped it and found myself looking at the cover album for Imagine with John Lennon in his little glasses peering back at me. I didn't know what it was--I thought maybe she had given me the complete works of John Lennon, which I would've liked fine, though it wasn't anything we'd ever discussed. She said, It's an i-pod. But guess what? It's not JUST an i-pod, it's an 8 GB i-touch i-pod which is like this magical thing with that has a big screen and allows you to search the Internet and use a GPS tracker and download games and even books. I couldn't believe it. I ran home to see what kind of applications I could add and now I can play any number of addictive games including PacMan, Suduko, hangman, Armadillo, a bunch of other games. It's so great. I recommend it highly and I am not even being paid to say that. Thanks, LM!


Ann said…
Perhaps it is a Stigmata, or perhaps it is a defensive wound from asking Irina why she isn't on Facebook yet. The jury is still out...
Aimee said…
Whoops, spelled your name with an "e!" I just fixed it. When are we gals going to get together again?
Irina said…
Yes that was my whole fuck facebook moment b/c I'm the only person in the world not on it.

And you realize that Ann has only had pictures of her hands on your blog?

I know!! Soon we will all go out in-between or after the holiday madness.
Aimee said…
I didn't realize that she was only shown as a hand model! Next time, we'll have to try to get other parts of her.
Anonymous said…
Hello! I only had one beer, AND I had to go to the doctor's later on that week. I learned the following: I'm not meant to give the gift of life, and I shouldn't go out with vampires.

Ann, I hope your stigmata is healing.

Irina, I enjoy your web presence.

Aimee, you spit out watermelon seeds for an iPod.

LM, I'd like a BlackBerry. What can I spit out for that?